Support Tab

The Support tab displays information and features that you might need when reporting a problem or other issue to a STOPzilla Customer Support Rep.

To access the Support tab:

  1. Right-click the System Tray Icon and select Tools > View ADVANCED OPTIONS > Support. The system displays the Support tab.

    You can click on the General or Options tab within the illustration below to view it.


Support Tab Features:


When creators of Spyware and other malicious software unleash threats on the Internet-using public, there is always a latency period; the time between release and identification. STOPzilla researchers comb the Internet to discover new Spyware and other parasites. Sometimes, Spyware is identified when a user contacts STOPzilla and indicates that the product is not blocking a particular pop-up or the computer is not performing as expected.

To perform a Diagnostic Scan:

  1. Right-click the System Tray Icon and select Tools > View ADVANCED OPTIONS> Support. The system displays the Support tab. Click Scan Type 1 or Scan Type 2, as instructed by your Customer Support Rep. STOPzilla scans your system automatically. Scan Type 1 is a mini-scan that shows only the applications currently running on your computer. Scan Type 2 is a full scan that includes the file and the zilla.log file.

  2. When the scan is completed, usually within three minutes, STOPzilla prompts you to Save or Cancel.

  3. Click Save. The Save As dialog is displayed. Choose a location to which you want to save the results of your scan. Your Desktop is recommended. The scan is saved as a securely encrypted ".scan" document. It cannot be opened by anyone except STOPzilla engineers.

  4. The Customer Support Rep will direct you to launch an e-mail, include your scan as an attachment, address it to a particular STOPzilla staff member and send it.


When you click Scan Type 2, the system will prompt you to open Internet Explorer if it is not already open. If you agree, the system will display a Customer Agreement, indicating that if you choose to open IE, certain information pertaining to your surfing history will be visible to STOPzilla engineers. If you choose No, the scan will be performed without IE open. A scan with IE open provides STOPzilla with more and better data with which to diagnose your problem, so it is strongly recommended that you choose Yes. STOPzilla is committed to protecting the privacy of our subscribers. As such, any personal information is handled in the strictest confidence and never shared with anyone.


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