What's New in STOPzilla Version 5.0

This version of STOPzilla has a number of new features and a new look.

User Interface

The user interface of STOPzilla has been completely redesigned to display the software's major functionality from one main window, a dashboard-like screen called Home. Please see: Home.

Each major window enables you to access Help in two ways. Click the Help button in the lower left corner to open the Help system in a logically arranged "top-to-bottom" format. Or, you can Click the Help icon to access context-sensitive Help.


STOPzilla enables you to select four sets of parameters when scanning  your system for infections. Please see: Types of Scans

STOPzilla can now perform scans automatically, on a user-defined schedule, or manually as desired. Please see: Automatic Scanning and Manual Scanning.

Real-Time Protection

STOPzilla now enables you to configure many advanced settings of the real-time Spyware protection engine. Please see: Real-Time Protection.


STOPzilla's Phishing protection has been enhanced and is now called SITEGuard™  With previous versions of STOPzilla,  the only way to configure Phishing protection settings was via the STOPzilla Toolbar. Now, SITEGuard™ protection is fully integrated into the software. Please see: SITEGuard™ Technology and STOPzilla Toolbar.

Upgrades and Updates

STOPzilla now enables you to configure how and when updates and upgrades will be performed. Please see: Updates and Upgrades.

Integrated Support Options

You can click About in the lower left corner of each  STOPzilla window to access a tabbed interface that displays read-only information about STOPzilla and your computer. You can also launch an e-mail or a live chat session with STOPzilla Customer Support from the About dialog. Please see: About STOPzilla Dialog