SITEguard™ Block/Allow List

The Block/Allow list is your personal Black List and White List; Web sites you wish to block or allow for any reasons whatsoever.

You can block sites that STOPzilla may have allowed as safe sites. Likewise, there may be sites that you wish to allow for your own reasons.

You can allow sites that STOPzilla may have flagged as potentially malicious sites, although it is recommended that you do so with extreme caution, if at all.

To block or allow specific Web sites:

  1. From the navigation bar, select SITEGUARD. By default, the system opens to the Summary tab. Click the Block | Allow tab.

  2. In the Block / Allow dialog, click Add. Type in the complete URL of the site and click OK. The format should look like this:

  3.  The URL is now in the Block/Allow list. Use the Action drop-down list to select Block or Allow for each URL you add to the list.

  4. To change a URL, select it in the Block/Allow list and click Edit. To delete it from the list click Remove. Click APPLY for your changes to take effect. Click OK to close the list. To revert to your previous settings, click CANCEL.

You can click on the Summary tab within the illustration below to view the contents of that tab.

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