Login with Your Master Password

To open ANTIfraud, you must set your Master Password. Once you have created your Master Password you are ready to log in.

To login:

  1. Double-click the ANTIfraud icon in the System Tray in the lower right corner of your screen to launch iS3 ANTIfraud. The system displays the iS3 ANTIfraud - Login dialog.

  1. Type in your Master Password and click OK. As an additional security precaution, click the Virtual Keyboard command button to enter your Master Password via the Virtual Keyboard.

  1. Click OK when you have typed in your case-sensitive Master Password. The system displays the iS3 ANTIfraud - Login dialog again. Click OK to access your personal Digital ID™ Vault.

  2. By default, ANTIfraud opens to My Identity.


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